Hiran Public Library

The first ever Public Library in Hiran was opened, in rented premises, in 1999 as a result of the efforts of a Support Group which had been established in Birmingham, UK in 1998. The library in Beled Weyne is currently closed, we hope to reopen when Beled Weyne is peaceful. To continue Daud's work win Somalia we have opened another library in the North of the country.

The books in the Library are mostly second hand. The first consignment was sent in November 1998. More went in February 2000 and in 2004. The latter included six second hand computers. On each occasion Save the Children Fund provided vital logistical support.

The building went up in the autumn of 2000. It was built on land given by local leaders who were eager to see the Public Library move to purpose built premises. It cost £6,000. This money had been raised by the UK based Support Group. In November 2006 the veranda was damaged when the River Shebelle burst its banks and floodwater engulfed 90% of the town. Repairs have recently been carried out and the front has been re-decorated with very pleasing results.

How the Library functions. It is open six days of the week. It is staffed by a Library Manager and an assistant librarian with special expertise in IT. A cleaner and a night watchman are also employed. The Library provides a very popular amenity. It used by many Beled-Weyne residents, including school students as well as visitors from other neighbouring towns of Somalia. As far as we know it is the only public library functioning in south central Somalia.