The English School, Beled-Weyne

The English School is in Beled-Weyne, Somalia. It was brought into existence as a practical step towards addressing the desperate need for good education in that war ravaged country. The School is locally governed and administered. It was delivering education conforming to the standards of the National Curriculum as used in England when its work was halted by the attack of 14th April 2008 in which all four teachers were killed.

Daud Ali, founder and Head Teacher of the School, was one of the victims. Those who worked with him to advance the work during his lifetime have pledged themselves to do everything possible to build on the foundation he laid so that the vision he had will become a reality. This vision is to equip the community with cohorts of youngsters who have received a good education and acquired a thorough working knowledge of the English language since this is essential for individuals and communities who wish to become integrated into the global economy and to enjoy all the benefits which such integration brings.

Reopening the school

We are working towards re-opening The English School in Beled-Weyne next year. In order to achieve this HiCEP has awarded scholarships to four people who are enrolled in the two year Teacher Training course at Amoud University, Boroma. Two graduated in 2010 and the others completed their studies in 2011. We are sponsoring a new student who will graduate in 2014. It costs approximately £1800 to pay for all fees, food, accommodation and out of pocket expenses for a student for a year of training.